Lynette Galvin, LL.B., B. Ed., J.P. Acc.Spec.Fam.Law

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As you can imagine, Family Law can sometimes be a sad area of law in which to work.  It is also very rewarding and my team and I enjoy helping people through this awful time in their lives. 

 It is a very rewarding thing to do, especially if we can ease the way a little by not allowing matters to be delayed and identifying opportunities to agree on issues so as to narrow the dispute or resolve it altogether.  My favourite thing is to meet my clients years on and finding that they have got their lives back on track.  That means that they have truly got on with their Journey, and put their divorce behind them where it belongs.  

I am a senior Family Law Solicitor who has been in practice almost exclusively in Family Law since 1991.  In fact as an articled clerk in 1986, I quickly gravitated to famiy law because it just seems to me to be very important and an area where you can make a real difference for people.

My focus has been on difficult Family Law matters (though not exclusively "Big Money" matters).  I have had general experience in company and commercial law that I find helpful in unravelling the sometimes complex property matters that need to be sorted out efficiently after separation.

The hardest cases are of course the ones about kids, and my children's cases take a lot of my time and attention. I thoroughly enjoy the challenging job of being an Independent Children's Lawyer.

In addition to my Law degree and Family Law Specialist Accreditation that I attained in 1996 as one of the first in Queensland to do so. I also have a Bachelor of Education.

I also act as a Court Appointed Solicitor for children in matters before the Family Court and the Federal Magistrates Court.  I am a Queensland Law Society Approved Mediator.

In 1991, I opened a legal firm in Pine Rivers, and in 2004 I began Journey Brisbane Family Lawyers, an Australian Legal Firm practising exclusively in Family Law to achieve my dream of heading a law firm with a positive approach to Family Law conflict and an ethic of care and responsibility for our clients. In 2006 we opened our Journey Rockhampton offce and we are opening our Journey Family Lawyers Strathpine on the 9th July 2007.

I love coming in to work because of the team of down to earth and talented lawyers that I have working at Journey. Of course, I couldn't live without my wonderful secretarial staff. They share my philosophy of a team approach to problems and listening to make sure that your case is run your way, while providing you with sympathetic but expert Family Law advice to guide you in your decision making.

We have had lovely comments about our family lawyers who are truly changing lives and helping people get through separation and get on with their life's "journey". I am proud of them all.

When I am not working, My Husband and I like to go fishing with our grown children and our teenage son and we love travelling and camping on Fraser Island and in the Great Dividing Range. We have recently upgraded from our tent to a caravan and look forward to travelling further afield in the future. Don't worry though, with technology being how it is, we have no trouble keeping in contact with your Journey Team.  You will always be in good hands with us. (Anyway your case will probably be over by then, because we do try to finalise cases a.s.a.p.)


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