If you want to refer this site to a friend who may need information about Family Law, please use this facilty. Please be assured we do not record your details or your friend's, and we certainly do not contact anyone who doesn't want us to contact them.

Our aim is to help de-mystify the whole issue of divorce and separation Law and we trust that this site can help you do that.  If your friend is in a regional area or interstate or even out of  Australia, we can usually work with them by email, fax and phone.  We have offices in Rockhampton and Brisbane and Strathpine . An interview with a Family Law Solicitor is a good way to see where you stand in this complicated area of law.  We also offer free 10 minute phone consultation if you mention this page.

This offer is also available to our interstate and overseas clients or anyone who can't get into our offices by way of telephone or online consultation. Just ask and we will sort it out for you.

Thank you for your referral, the Journey Team.

Send your email to law@journeyfamilylawyers.com.au


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